What is FunderFinder?

FunderFinder GIN (Groups in need) is a computer software programme that helps charities and voluntary organisations identify which charitable trusts support their work. You use it in conjunction with various directories of grant making trusts held at our office.


If you do not wish to fill this form in online, you can download the printable PDF File.

Name of Organisation:
Email Address:
What kind of group you are
What sort of money are you looking for (e.g., running costs, project, building work, etc)
Whether your project is of more than local significance-area covered
Whether your group is a registered charity

Whether your project is particularly innovative, or unpopular or concerned
with self-help
How much money you are trying to raise
Whether you are prepared to raise it in smaller amounts

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What happens when you have entered all the information?
FunderFinder searches through all the funder profiles in its dataset (which is updated every six months) and comes up with a list of charitable trusts that you should consider. It can put your list in best match order, with the most relevant at the top.


What is the printout?
The printout has names of those funders you have selected but not the addresses or phone numbers. It tells you where you will find further information in which pages of directories. It might give short notes as well.


So there is still more work to do at the end
FinderFinder helps you identify funders to research. Most funders get many more requests for support than they are able to help. The quality of your application is what counts. So be prepared to spend more time getting your application right.


How long does it take?
It depends on how complicated your search is and whether you want to try different options. If you are new to FunderFinder you should probably allow half an hour. If you would like a member of Community First New Forest staff to carry out the search for you then please contact Debbie Grace whose details are on the front of this form.