MiDAS – Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme

What we do

We provide minibus driving awareness training. It is a requirement that all drivers of HCC owned minibuses undertake MiDAS training, and it is recommended by them as best practise that all drivers of community transport minibuses also undertake this training.

There are two types of course available, standard training and the accessible course, which is for those who transport wheelchair users. These courses are held monthly, both for New Driver and Refresher training.

The MiDAS certificate is valid for four years, after which, a shorter refresher course is required.

The standard course consists of a 4 hour theory session in the classroom followed by a driving assessment session which can take up to about an hour.

For the accessible course there is an additional two hour session on disability awareness and the safe securing and transport of wheelchair users.

There are certain conditions attached to driving a minibus so please check your licence for your entitlements.

Whether you are able to drive a minibus depends on when you passed your driving test.

1. If you passed your car driving test before 1997, you are licenced to drive a minibus.  Check that you have the correct entitlement on your licence:

  • On older-style licences: Groups A, E.
  • On newer-style licences: D1
    (restriction 1 or 101, not for hire or reward).

2. If you passed your car driving test after 1 January 1997, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Aged 21 or over.
  • Have held a full licence (category B) for 2 years.
  • You will be driving on a voluntary basis.
  • The minibus is used for social purposes.  In practice this means you need to operate under a Small Bus Permit (Minibus Permit).
  • The minibus has a maximum weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes (or 4.25 tonnes where a minibus has a passenger lift or ramp).  This may mean volunteers cannot drive the larger, heavier minibuses.
  • No trailer can be towed.

Next Courses

Contact Paul Bache, Tel. 01425 482773 or email transport@cfnf.org.uk for further information

What does it cost

Standard training for voluntary or charitable organisations- £75.00
For commercial organisations, schools, colleges, HCC etc - £90.00

Accessible training for voluntary or charitable organisations  £80.00
For commercial organisations the fee is £95.00

Refresher standard  for voluntary or charitable organisations - £60
For commercial organisations, schools, colleges, HCC etc - £75

Refresher accessible for voluntary or charitable organisations - £60
For commercial organisations, schools, colleges, HCC etc - £75

There is an additional charge of £25.00 if using a CFNF vehicle for the driving assessment.

Where we provide the service

The first day is the theory training day (half day for standard and full day for accessible) and takes place at Lyndhurst Community Centre, Main Car Park, High Street, Lyndhurst SO43 7NY. Tel. 023 8028 2267

Individual driving assessments take place a few days later and last for around 60-90 minutes. The driving assessments are sometimes taken with one or two other drivers and start from Brockenhurst Village Hall at a time arranged on the theory day.

Our commitment to quality
Trainers have undertaken the DATS training course and are fully qualified to provide the MiDAS training courses for our clients.

Booking Form for Midas Training - MiDAS Training booking form - PDF

What our clients say

The refresher course reminded me just how much I had forgotten over the last four years, I feel much safer now.’

‘The session ran very smoothly, was interesting, informative and very useful… excellent trainer’
‘good session, I was made to feel really at ease and able to contribute’

How to contact us

Booking forms are available from our office:
Community First New Forest
First Floor Offices,
71 Christchurch Road,
BH24 1DH
Email transport@cfnf.org.uk or
Telephone 01425 482773 or 0845 6024 326

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