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Volunteering during COVID19

For people who want to volunteer through the COVID19 crisis please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Register with your local volunteer centre https://www.hampshirecvs.org.uk/volunteering/   volunteer centres are there to provide support at a local level for individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. They can ensure that voluntary action is mobilized where it is needed and in a safe and, where required, legally compliant way.
  2. If you cannot register with a volunteer centre, informal volunteering is fine for people that you know e.g. neighbours, friends, relatives.  However, when volunteering for strangers, to protect both parties, this may require DBS or identity checking.  A service also undertaken by volunteer centres.

Forest FM Interview with Lorraine Lambert - Volunteer Centre

The audio file below was updated on Friday 1st June 2018

At the Volunteer Centre, we promote and support volunteering.

The Volunteer Centre recruits potential volunteers from all sections of the community and seeks to place them with voluntary organisations who are actively looking for volunteers to assist with their work.

The Volunteer Centre also offers advice, information and training to voluntary groups using or considering using volunteers. We also promote the work of organisations in the New Forest and their ever increasing need for more volunteers.

Working alongside voluntary organisations we promote good practice in working with volunteers, advocate the rights and responsibilities of volunteers and are available to discuss any topics relating to volunteering, covering such issues as insurance, expenses and volunteer policies.

Our Aims

  • To promote and develop volunteering
  • To provide a volunteering brokerage
  • To enable participation in volunteering
  • To provide advice, information and training for volunteers and voluntary organisations
  • To comment and campaign on volunteering

How to contact us

Lorraine Lambert
Volunteer Centre Co-ordinator
Community First New Forest
First Floor Offices,
71 Christchurch Road,
BH24 1DH

Tel. 01425 482773 Fax : 01425 482666

email: lorraine.lambert@cfirst.org.uk