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Families Matter: Puppet Stage and Sound Crew
Praisin' Hands Puppets based at Hythe URC is looking for 2 people with strong muscles to load and lift equipment from the van, set up the stage, watch the very entertaining children's puppet show and then dismantle the stage and load up the equipment. Any expertise/experience in sound desk/lighting would be valuable, but not required.

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New Forest Nightstop working in partnership to help vulnerable young people

(Source: Citizens Advice New Forest Newsletter January 2018)

A young vulnerable client was referred to Citizens Advice from the local Council.

She was at risk of homelessness.

They sent her to us to help with a Nightstop referral, which is a local service which provides temporary emergency accommodation in people’s homes for vulnerable people.

Our adviser completed the detailed Nightstop referral forms with the client and made contact with the local Job Centre to ask for their help with a claim for Universal Credit (UC).

The client was able to go straight across to the Job Centre where they worked with her to complete her UC claim.

She waited there until a volunteer Nightstop driver came to pick her up and take her safely to her accommodation.

The local Job Centre manager tells us what happened next: “Just a short note to say a big “thank you” regarding our customer.

Citizens Advice for referring to Nightstop and then on to the Job Centre for her UC claim and Nightstop for finding a host.

I know that between our three organisations we prevented a very young vulnerable person from living on the streets.

So that you are aware the Team here in the Jobcentre pulled out the stops and got the customer up and running on UC (with an immediate advance payment made) from the time CAB referred her to us to the time she was picked up from our office at 5:15pm by a Nightstop driver.

I am known here in the office to use the word “awesome” from time to time, in this situation I believe our Organisations, through working together, were truly AWESOME. Thank You.‘

New Interview

Hear Nightstop Co-ordinator, Jackie, talk about the Nightstop service and how it is delivered.

See how you can volunteer to help us deliver this vital service which enables people across the New Forest to be kept safe and be able to continue with their education and jobs, despite suddenly finding themselves homeless

About Us

New Forest Nightstop provides the emergency overnight accommodation for homeless people aged 16+ in the homes of trained and approved host households around the New Forest.

New Forest Nightstop was established in 2003 and is a team approach to homelessness.

It is a voluntary service managed by Community First New Forest based at Ringwood and is affiliated to the national registered charity, Nightstop UK

The primary aim of Nightstop is to enable homeless people to access safe, free, emergency accommodation in our host households at the beginning of their homelessness when their need is most acute, then to support them towards a more secure future.

The support given by Nightstop improves not only homeless people’s self-esteem but also their life chances, and their outcomes for employment, training, health and housing are much improved.

Nightstop is a unique and integral service in a multi-agency approach to local homelessness and is a vital tool to other local advice agencies.

Nightstop is not a permanent solution to homelessness but is temporary emergency accommodation when needed at the point of crisis.

Get Involved

Get involved … being a Nightstop volunteer is very rewarding and you would be part of a friendly and like-minded team.

Nightstop volunteers can choose how much time they give to Nightstop – from a few hours or a couple of nights a month to longer and all expenses are covered.

All volunteers receive induction training and on-going training related to young people’s issues.

No matter how much time you can give or wherever your interests lie, we have a position that could suit you.

Whether it’s offering a room for the night as a Nightstop Host, helping young people get to safe accommodation as a Nightstop Driver or helping with the practicalities of young person’s situation, we can make the experience rewarding and easy for you.

For more information please see our dedicated website or contact us at:

First Floor Offices, 71 Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1DH

Telephone: 01425 482773

Fax: 01425 482666