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Community First New Forest

Contact us on: 01425 482773

Oxfam in Lymington is desperately seeking volunteers for their newly opened shop with a difference.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer in a new Oxfam shop that is aiming to create a slightly different experience for the customer!

You will be joining a small but growing team helping us to make the most from donations; offering fantastic customer service as well as sorting, pricing and preparing for sale a wide range of products.

As we grow our team our opening hours will increase.

Eventually we hope to open 7 days a week - 8 hours per day Monday - Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday, however your gift of time can be arranged to suit you as well as the needs of our business.

Whatever your interest, from customer facing to sorting stock please do get in touch.

Your help will make a real difference.

For more information and to apply click here:

Volunteers Urgently Wanted

Would you like to help a local worthy cause?

Can you spare some time?

Why not consider volunteering in your community and 'paying it back'?


Volunteer Centre – Organisations

How can we help?

Working alongside voluntary organisations we promote good practice in working with volunteers, advocate the rights and responsibilities of volunteers and are available to discuss any topics relating to volunteering, covering such issues as insurance, expenses and volunteer policies.

We can also assist you in developing new volunteering opportunities.  If you have not worked with volunteers before, or would like help in identifying and developing volunteer roles and opportunities, we can advise and support you with

  • role descriptions
  • person specifications
  • volunteer recruitment
  • what to expect from a referral from us
  • how to welcome potential volunteers
  • interview and selection procedures

Why register with the Volunteer Centre?

The volunteer centre provides a free, bespoke brokerage service to help you advertise for, recruit and place volunteers.

As the hub for volunteering in the New Forest we are approached by many people from across the area who are seeking voluntary work.

This puts us in a unique position to signpost and place many potential volunteers with organisations who benefit from their involvement.

By registering with the Volunteer Centre we can help you to advertise for and recruit volunteers from across the area using our new, bespoke Volunteer Plus system.

Unlike previous online portals, Volunteer plus allows us to gather more information from prospective volunteers ensuring that we can offer the most suitable placements, Volunteers can browse the roles you offer and apply directly.

As an organisation you will receive comprehensive information about the volunteer who has applied including contact details and their motivations for volunteering.

Registering your organisation is easy.  Contact Lorraine Lambert New Forest Volunteer Centre Co-ordinator on Tel: 01425 482773 or Email

We are happy to visit you to find out more about your organisation and how we can help. If you have any current volunteering opportunities then please see links below for registration forms.

You can now also manage your own online account including updating information and uploading new volunteer roles.

Registering your organisation today by following this link:

If you would like any further information please contact the New Forest Volunteer Centre Co-ordinator on Tel: 01425 482773 or Email

Employer Supported Volunteering - If you are an employer and would like your staff to get involved in volunteering in the New Forest, we would love to hear from you.

We can provide one off or project volunteering for individuals or groups of employees. For more information on employee supported volunteering please get in touch.