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Families Matter: Puppet Stage and Sound Crew
Praisin' Hands Puppets based at Hythe URC is looking for 2 people with strong muscles to load and lift equipment from the van, set up the stage, watch the very entertaining children's puppet show and then dismantle the stage and load up the equipment. Any expertise/experience in sound desk/lighting would be valuable, but not required.

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Children and Young People Services

Working with other agencies we run a number of services to provide support to vulnerable and challenging children and young people.

Why are our services important?

  • We work to improve the social skills and life chances of children and young people.
  • We support parents by working alongside them and giving practical assistance.
  • Our emphasis is early intervention and nipping difficulties in the bud.
  • Children and young people who we work with grow in self esteem and self confidence and gain more positive values about what learning can do for them.

What should I do if I want to know more?

If you are interested in our services or want more information please contact us at:

Marie Shotbolt – Young Carers Coordinator

Telephone 01425 482773



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