Equality & Diversity


1.1     Community First New Forest aims to promote equality and diversity as an employer and seeks to ensure that equality and diversity principles underpin all areas of the organisation’s work and service provision.

1.2     Community First New Forest recognises that many people and groups suffer discrimination and face serious barriers when trying to fulfil their true potential. It also recognises that not all forms of unreasonable and unfair discrimination are the subject of legislation. It is the aim of this organisation to take positive steps to redress discrimination, to improve equality of opportunity and to combat any unreasonable or unfair treatment which places people at a disadvantage for any reasons not directly related to their ability to do a job for this organisation or to their eligibility to receive services from us.

1.3     In most cases it is unlawful to discriminate against people on grounds of a ‘protected characteristic’ (i.e.  gender, pregnancy, race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin, sexuality/sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, or because they are disabled) or married, a member of a trade union, work part time or on a fixed-term contract.

However we recognise that people may experience discrimination for many additional social, educational and economic reasons such as their language, health, physical or mental disability, HIV status, caring responsibilities, trade union activity, where they live, how they speak and whether they work flexibly. This policy will apply equally to all these circumstances.

1.4     Community First New Forest will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation or abuse of people who are members of staff, volunteers, employees associated with someone from a protected group or of any other group of people connected with the services provided by Community First New Forest.

1.5    We also recognise that discrimination, harassment bullying, victimisation or abuse to our staff can also arise in the course of their work from third parties. CFNF will not tolerate this and will take all reasonable steps to prevent this occurring and will support staff in dealing with it when it does arise.

Michael Clowes

Chief Officer

April 2013